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I started my candle company over 12 years ago when I was fed up with candles that gave me headaches or that did not smell. I decided I would make them myself! I began experimenting and decided container candles were the ones that made me happiest. I began to make them for myself and eventually for gifts. All of a sudden everyone was asking for me to make candles for them, and that’s when it started. In my kitchen I began what is now Fragrance of Heaven!
The difference between my candles and everyone else is there are NEVER any headaches, allergies, or asthma triggers. I do not cut or stretch my oils, and I do not use soy or zinc. All of these elements listed above are the reason for these issues. This is why my candles are strong, loud, and in your face without the annoyance of headaches, allergies, or asthma. I do not pour anything straight. Each one of my candles or a creation/concoction is one that you will not find anywhere else. I have been training and working closely since 2009 with one of the top master perfumers and his protégé. I have developed skills that I can isolate smell and create whatever you bring in. I am the only company that will let you come in and create your own custom scent by doing pouring parties! This is so much fun and I have been doing this since 2011.

In 2018 I have developed my very own line of 100% certified pure essential oils

My essential oils range from $6 to $18, and I only sell in the 15ml bottle. I also have 4 doctors, 3 physician’s assistants, and a number of others in the medical and health industry that send me their patients for oils and education.

This business is my heart and more importantly my ministry. My goal is that everyone who comes to Fragrance of Heaven or buys my products knows and feels the love of Christ.

I have always loved candles and could never find one that burned strong and long. One day I made the decision to start making my own candles for home. Playing with wax, scent and color I discovered that I can do this! Seeking God he gave us an open door and here we are!

The strongest hand poured candles and you can come in and create your very own custom scent.

Spreading the Word, Love and very Fragrance of God with each candle. This company is founded and directed by our Heavenly Father. Seeking his face and wisdom daily. A Fragrance of Heaven is not only a company it is a ministry and a house of prayer.

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Stephen-“When Rachel and I started dating, I had to ask her to stop burning the candles she had in her house because I would get headaches when I came over there.”

Rachel-“I found Terri’s little candle shop one day, and she explained that she didn’t use the chemicals to cut the oils. I figured I’d give it a try!”

Stephen-“The next time I came over to Rachel’s house, she had a candle burning from Fragrance of Heaven, and I didn’t get a headache. We’ve used her candles, tarts, and car kits for about 9 years now, and none of them give me a headache.”

-Stephen & Rachel Wheeler

As a massage therapist of 22 years, I have always used quality essential oils on my clients.  Now I use the same quality oils from Fragrance of Heaven, yet at a Fraction of the Cost. 

Marie Cunningham