Take The Scent of Heaven Home With You
Take The Scent of Heaven Home With You

Come Find Your Heavenly Smell Today

Stephen-“When Rachel and I started dating, I had to ask her to stop burning the candles she had in her house because I would get headaches when I came over there.”

Rachel-“I found Terri’s little candle shop one day, and she explained that she didn’t use the chemicals to cut the oils. I figured I’d give it a try!”

Stephen-“The next time I came over to Rachel’s house, she had a candle burning from Fragrance of Heaven, and I didn’t get a headache. We’ve used her candles, tarts, and car kits for about 9 years now, and none of them give me a headache.”

-Stephen & Rachel Wheeler

As a massage therapist of 22 years, I have always used quality essential oils on my clients.  Now I use the same quality oils from Fragrance of Heaven, yet at a Fraction of the Cost. 

Marie Cunningham