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Take The Scent of Heaven Home With You
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The strongest hand poured candles. You can come in and create your very own custom scent.

A scent can make or break a space, so why not have the best, cleanest candles and oils around? Fragrance of Heaven is a candle and essential oil store started with a vision to create candles with scents that did not give anyone a headache or did not smell when they were burning. For more than 12 years, Terri Arthur has studied candle making and created candles that will not give you a headache or trigger your asthma or allergies as many can do. Terri’s nose has been trained by one of the world’s top master perfumers, which will be evident with your first whiff of one of her designs.

Scent is the closest thing we have to memory.  What is your favorite memory?  If it was at the beach then you will enjoy Aleutian Islands.  Maybe it is time with grandma baking an apple pie?  You will love Granny Smith’s Hot Apple Pie.  Is baseball a big part of your life?  Home Run will take you there.  OR, if you have your own favorite feel good memory, you can come create your own custom candle as Terri guides you with her expertise.

Perfect fragrances designed for over a decade

Fragrance of Heaven candles are different from others because there are never any headaches, allergies, or asthma triggers. The candles are made without cutting or stretching the oils and do not use soy or zinc. All of these elements listed above are the reason for these issues, so that is why Fragrance of Heaven candles are strong, loud and in your face without the annoyance of headaches, allergies, or asthma. The Fragrance of Heaven concoctions will not be found anywhere else. Terri has been training and working closely for the last nine years with one of the top master perfumers in the nation and his protégé, where she has developed skills that can isolate smell and create whatever you bring in. Fragrance of Heaven is the only company that will let you come in and create your own custom scent by doing pouring parties!

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Shop our candles and essential oils, all of which are free of allergens and carcinogens. Get the benefits without the headache, allergies, and asthma triggers!

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Custom Orders

Fragrance of Heaven can help to make your favorite scents a reality. Looking for a certain scent? Contact us and customize your own candles! We would love to help fill your home with your favorite smells without the headaches, asthma triggers, and allergies that often come with other candles.

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Essential Oils

Fragrance of Heaven’s own line of 100% certified pure essential oils cuts the cost to you by cutting out salespeople. We have also designed our own blends comparable to other known companies.

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Take The Scent of Heaven Home With You

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Stephen-“When Rachel and I started dating, I had to ask her to stop burning the candles she had in her house because I would get headaches when I came over there.”

Rachel-“I found Terri’s little candle shop one day, and she explained that she didn’t use the chemicals to cut the oils. I figured I’d give it a try!”

Stephen-“The next time I came over to Rachel’s house, she had a candle burning from Fragrance of Heaven, and I didn’t get a headache. We’ve used her candles, tarts, and car kits for about 9 years now, and none of them give me a headache.”

-Stephen & Rachel Wheeler

As a massage therapist of 22 years, I have always used quality essential oils on my clients.  Now I use the same quality oils from Fragrance of Heaven, yet at a Fraction of the Cost. 

Marie Cunningham